information board illustration

Illustration: Sophia J Caldwell


I was commissioned to create 32 intricately detailed botanical illustrations to showcasing on informational boards at the botanical garden.

The illustrations not only needed to provide botanical accuracy in depicting plant characteristics but also be aesthetically captivating and beautiful. The dual purpose was to engage and inform garden visitors, offering a visually appealing experience alongside educational insights.

The project was a close collaboration with the garden team, led by the Director of Education.

To ensure botanical accuracy and uphold the educational value, the garden furnished reference materials and I dedicated significant time and effort to thoroughly study the plant characteristics of each genus. The team also provided descriptors which illuminated the unique traits of each genus, allowing me to weave a narrative through the illustrations to complete the story.

The illustrations were crafted in high resolution using Procreate on iPad, then refined in Adobe Photoshop. Purposefully selected brush tools and techniques were employed to emulate the charm of hand-drawn pen and ink work, lending a timeless aesthetic while maximizing botanical details.

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